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  Decoding Signals (Road 1 of 4)

Elizabeth Lo
Hi Andrea- i find it challenging to look for signals before my baby pees because I'm so focused on watching for pee. It's like I can't focus on his face and his pee at the same time. Either I'm watching his face and he's already peed who knows how long ago or I'm watching for pee and I miss any signaling before he peed. Is he just a sneaky pee'er or am I missing something here?
Laura D
Oh yes! I'm there, too! Though I have the opposite situation from what Andrea mentioned: Minion only signals pee (sometimes) when he IS naked. :O I'm wondering if once he gets the hang of crawling/sitting up, he will develop stronger signals? (Like the ability to crawl to the potty to tell me he needs to go!)
Andrea Olson
Hi Elizabeth! Many many many babies do not signal before peeing. Especially if they are naked. Just write that you didn't notice any signals. I'd also suggest to zoom out from a more focused observation to a more "diffuse" one if that makes sense. Check for wetness per the observation guidelines and then think back "hmmm, now did I see anything right before that - or did I somehow 'know'?" And lastly remember that your baby may not signal for pee now but someday WILL. :)
Nechama Wachsman
Hey Andrea- I want to clarify about the signals log- should we be recording as we go along? What if I think my baby doesn't signal and I don't really know what the signal was? (In other words, these days it feels a lot like chance- I put him on the potty; sometimes he goes, sometimes he doesn't....)
Andrea Olson
Hi Nechama! I would just use the Signals Log during the Challenge (up shortly) where you'll practice observing for about an hour. In this time, you either will or won't detect a signals, and as we get deeper into the course, you'll see that signals are not pertinent to successful EC. Let me know if that helps! "No signal" is a fine thing to write on the log, and the Observation Log (coming up shortly, as well) for Natural Timing will probably be more helpful for you, personally. :)
Nechama Wachsman
great thanks!! another quickie- if my baby doesn't go at all for that hour, should I try for another hour?
Andrea Olson
Yep, just keep timing for as long of a chunk as you're able to that day, or feeling up to. Sorry I didn't see your comment til today! But, yes is my answer!!