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  EXAMPLE Videos of Signals

Nechama Wachsman
I seem to think everything is a sign al and put him on the potty way too often. Things that used to be signals may not be anymore, and any sort of communication I want to assume he needs the potty because I don't want to miss it. This turns out to be frustrating. I'd really like to refine it and learn his true signals, of today.
Andrea Olson
Nechama - yes! That is exactly normal. That's why we need to check in every month or so with the Observation Log which we'll get to shortly...and see what the newest timing, signals, etc, are. Babies develop super-quickly, so this is normal. I'm glad you are dedicated to refining and relearning, and it will be a regular thing until baby's development plateaus in this arena (around 14-18 months is typically when things start to really solidify).
Nechama Wachsman
I don't know why this aspect of EC never sunk in before- having to constantly relearn signals. Thinking I should have had it "down pat" by now made me feel like i was failing. Thanks for the reset!
Tammy Elwell
Nice examples. I have a logistics question and would appreciate input. In video, baby ended up pooping into the kitchen sink. Any tips on how to clean this? What does the clean up entail? I imagine running water to get rid of poop in sink, then wiping and drying baby's bum and putting on cover again. Then tackling the sink later with a better cleaning solution (vinegar + baking soda?). I ask because we use our sink for dishes, but I can foresee using any sink close by to catch a pee/poo. At the same time, I'd want to keep things hygienic. Any suggestions based on experience? Thanks!
Nechama Wachsman
Yep we've had both on our dishes too. People don't know this but what your body eliminates is sterile. Of course you want to clean it but don't go crazy! :)
Andrea Olson
Great question Tam! So, in the one you're referring to, Cooper is still EBF (exclusively breastfed), so his poop is runny like mustard. It is not smelly either. I've read that it is even sterile, at least for a short time after coming out. It is extremely easy to clean up, so rinsing the sink with hot water is often enough, along with the occasional thorough sink cleanup. When we introduce solids, esp meats, into the diet, we get a different situation where the feces can now carry undesirables such as disease. In this case, we'd clean with a bleach wipe if we accidentally catch a solid poop in the sink (it happens!).

As for wiping after a sink poo, the running water that helps the pee/poo come out (sound association, similar to our spoken cue of pssss), which can also be used to rinse the sink...I just rinse the bum with this warmed water and pat dry with a towel. The bottom doesn't end up needing to be cleaned at all, in many instances! A tiny bit, if anything. If there were a wet fart in the diaper preceding the sink poo pottytunity, there would be a little to clean up, but it would be a rinse deal, most likely.

My kids have all pooped on my dishes when EBF (hehehe that sounds terrible, but true!)...and I've just rinsed. BF poop is so benign. :)
Laura D
this was so cool to watch (maybe I'm just a nerd); I never thought babies could communicate so clearly but this is inspiring
Andrea Olson
Then I'm a nerd too! Glad you enjoyed. :)
Heidi Avelino
Those signals can be quite subtle. I guess you have to be familiar as the parent with your own child's cries. I could recognize my newborn baby's cry when he needed to pee, but most of the examples in the video I would not have realized were signals.
Andrea Olson
I totally agree, Heidi! It's interesting to see a variety of them to gauge the span of what signals can look like. I always find it interesting to see babies signal in our local EC group...when you're there in person it makes sense...we all sort of "feel" it. Babies are so amazing!