Potty Time Master MiniCourse

Figure out when, exactly, to potty your little one.

Get good at knowing when your baby needs to pee.

The Potty Time Master Course is for you if…

You’ve been doing EC for any amount of time and, for some reason, you can't quite get the timing down of when to offer the potty to your baby. Maybe your baby stopped signaling at around 4 or 5 months old. Maybe she never signaled in the first place. You might be feeling like you're no good at EC, and never will be. (But you really believe in EC and really want it to work!)

You’ve gotten a little (or a lot) off track with EC, and you NEED to figure out when to potty your baby...or you may never graduate!

Finally a way for parents to regain their confidence in EC...and become masters at potty time.

Andrea-Olson-Go-diaper-freeI’m Andrea, and I spend my creative time teaching others Elimination Communication. I've helped 1,000s of parents, worldwide, figure out EC challenges, and have ECed all 3 of my children from birth (complete with our own timing challenges).

The thing is - 42% of those in our community have listed "not knowing when to offer the potty" as their #1 EC problem. You are not alone! This is so normal, but so not fun. I want to help you past this.

With my Potty Time Master Course, I’ll teach you how to gracefully and easily become an expert at knowing when most babies should be offered the potty, but more importantly... learn when YOUR baby should be offered the potty.

As an added bonus, I’ll teach you how to get back on track after learning all I have to share with you about when to potty. I won't leave you hanging with just a bunch of words...this part is all about action, but with the least effort required on your part. (We like low-effort.)

Next let’s look at why you desperately need what's in this program….


If you have no idea when to potty your baby (or baby doesn't signal)...this course is for you.

How we're gonna solve this problem...

I am extremely solution-oriented. And I want to learn things in a practical, fast, hands-on manner (hello, parent who is short on time!). So, to be specific, the Potty Time Master Course will help you:

  • become familiar with the various indicators of potty time
  • figure out when to potty your unique baby
  • get in tune with your child’s rhythms
  • get good at EC timing
  • learn alternatives to signals
  • build success already!
  • regain your confidence and belief in EC
  • get out of this rut
  • get back on track
  • go from terrible to capable; EC Failure to EC Fabulous!

That’s what you'll get out of this course, in the most hands-on way possible.

Enroll today with the button below or scroll down for all the details of what, exactly, the course includes.

Now for some practical course details!

What Do You Get?

A bite-sized, 43 video multimedia course

Because EC is best learned hands-on, in a visual, person-to-person format, this entire course is given via video instruction from yours truly. It saves your place, can be set at any speed, and can be set to autocomplete so you can turn it on, from any device including your phone, and listen in between caring for baby (which we all know can be a challenge!).

If you prefer to read, there is a full transcript available for download or reading directly within the course.

If you prefer just audio, you can simply turn your screen down or off, or download the full audio version of the course and listen to at your leisure.

But honestly...once you try my new online learning format, I think you'll be hooked.

9 action-based challenges and exercises

Let's face it - if you don't do any of the things I teach you, this course will be an absolute waste of time. I know that I personally like to read about something and fantasize about doing it, and I generally skip the "doing" part (usually if I'm afraid actual change will occur for me personally!).

So, I've created the challenges and exercises to be short, specific, do-able, and build success into your experience of taking this course.

In other words, I would do these exercises, and I normally wouldn't! :)

12 downloadable handouts

I've only included handouts that will make an impact on your learning. We all learn in different ways, yet most post-partum mothers (and fathers) do very well with visual aides. You can view the handouts in the course itself, download and fill out digitally, or download and print, filling out old school style with a pen or pencil (this last way is my preferred way! Writing by hand makes things stick!).

And...a full written transcript

For those times when baby is sleeping and you can't listen, or when wearing earbuds is impossible (like while nursing or holding a clingy baby!), you can read the transcript and get the full effect of the course in written format.

An interactive, worldwide community of classmates

You don't need to do this alone any longer! You'll be able to interact with your classmates, from around the world, through the comment system on every page of the course itself.

I'll encourage you to share successes, and if you subscribe to be notified of responses to your comments, you'll be able to interact with one another, offer encouragement, share tips, and create community where once there was none.

I'm a huge fan of support and community - and this online learning platform makes that super-easy for all learners in this course!

BONUS MODULE: Extended Potty Time Troubleshooting

If you own any of my other EC materials, you'll know that I specialize in troubleshooting. And, this can be a lot to wade through. So, in this course I've included 11 potty-time-specific troubleshooting videos where I explain how to address the challenges that may arise during the process of becoming a master at EC timing.

Because who has time to sift through all the other resources and lose focus on the tasks at hand?

BONUS COURSE: Simplifying Life to Tune Into EC More Easily

The other thing is...if your life is decluttered and simplified, you're going to find tuning in to your baby's EC needs MUCH easier. So, I created a mini-course of practical, pragmatic ways you can simplify life, today, to support your newfound commitment to EC.

If you're buried in baby stuff, clutter, and too many distractions, this bonus course will help you out of overwhelm and into the present moment!

All on the best e-learning platform out there

If you've ever taken a class on Craftsy, you'll know how important it is to be able to navigate online learning. The platform I've selected for the Go Diaper Free Academy courses is awesome! It's amazing! Let me tell you why:

  • You get to mingle with fellow classmates in the comments on each page
  • You can autoplay the full course
  • If you get interrupted (hello, parents!), we'll save your place
  • The videos are all less than 12 minutes in length, averaging about 3-5 minutes each, so you can take little bites and make big progress
  • You can listen/watch/learn from any device (including computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) - and the view will be perfect!
  • You can download the entire course to learn while disconnected from the internet
  • You can set the speed of my talking
  • You can learn by watching, listening, or reading only, or a combination of any of the three, depending on today's situation
  • You get lifetime access and can re-take the course, or look at any part of it again, forever
  • You can take the course at your very own pace - it is all available IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment, and you can set your own schedule to complete it.

Basically, this Master Course is everything you could possibly need to solve potty time, once and for all. And to take the next step (getting back on track).

Below you'll see a preview of the full course curriculum.

See "Your questions, answered" in the section below that for more details.


Class Curriculum

What our Potty Time Masters are saying...

While we kind of half assed our ECing, your words gave us the confidence to do what works for our family instead of getting sucked into some sort of parenting competition. Thank you -Natalie

I've been surprised at how much my daughter prefers EC. I’ve also been surprised at just how easy it is. I wasn't under the impression that it would be 'hard', but I have been surprised at how natural it has become. It’s just another part of our routine like feeds and sleeps. -Lizzie

I can't tell you how happy I've been to find this way of connecting with my boy. It's easy for fathers to feel a little left out at times. But EC and baby wearing have made me feel like my wife and my baby know I'm doing everything I can to meet their needs! I love it! -Jason

Save $100s in diaper costs by taking this course now.

When we get off track with EC, losing all confidence in it, we end up diapering up and then potty training later. There's no judgment here, just what I've seen with countless parents.

Self-doubt, second-guessing, and feeling like a failure lead parents to delay this training til 2 or 3 years old.

So, think about it for a sec. What are diapers gonna cost you for extending EC another 5-12 months (or diapering up and doing potty training a year or two later)? Well, approximately $500-$1200 more.

Cut that cost by getting back on the EC wagon this month...which will set you up for easier EC completion later, and sooner.

If you'd like to become a Master at *when* your baby needs to go and make your EC practice really work, sign up for this course and start learning today:

Your questions...answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What media does the course use?
We use video, audio, and written media to deliver this course. You never know what your baby will "allow" you to get done today, so we've got all your various formats covered, and you can use them on any device. We are parents, too! We get it. :)
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is this course limited to a certain age range?

Although this course was created for parents who do Elimination Communication (EC) with their babies of ages 0-18 months, the tips can also be applied to potty training with children over 18 months.

What if I haven't done much EC at all?
No worries - this course will give you a solid foundation on which to start EC. In fact, it will help you start, at any age, in the best way possible. Go for it!
Will this course cover x, y, or z?
This course is all about honing your skill at knowing when to offer baby the potty. It doesn't cover nighttime, part-time, or out and about in much detail (although these things are mentioned) - we've got other courses in the Academy for those subtopics of EC, plus courses on EC completion, potty training, birth, and much much more. When you enroll in the school you'll be notified when these other courses open up. But, this particular course is a super-specific MiniCourse - it is chock-full of all things potty time. Enjoy!
What is your cancellation policy?
We want you to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 5 days and we will give you a full refund.

Get started now!

I very much look forward to seeing you in this intimate, hands-on, in-depth class!

If you have any questions, hesitations, or requests, please email me at I strive to answer all emails within 24 hours.


Your Instructor

Andrea Olson
Andrea Olson

Andrea Olson, M.A., is a pioneer in helping parents reduce diaper dependence with any age child or baby, from birth through toddlerhood. She has her Master's Degree in Psychology and presently lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband and children.